I don’t know what it is about being 29, but my internal hard drive is losing wiggle room for all flavours and degrees of BULLSHIT. Whether it’s the general lack of respect for personal space or views, the alarming nature and claustrophobic size of people’s expectations and inability to just calm the f**k down and let you do your own thing without pronouncing their ignorant verdicts on what THEY think YOU should be doing instead of concentrating on their own crap, I have seriously had it. As my friend Abhik says – ‘Kindly manage your expectations and leave the premises’. Unfortunately, most premises don’t belong to me and so, all I can do is chug calming green tea (or many bottles of wine) and blur my vision and hearing so both senses become massively selective. For this very purpose, I found my anthem to lovingly soundtrack this internal rebellion.

I’d been hearing snatches of the same track for a couple of months and maddeningly, didn’t know who had made it. Finally, on September 11, I was listening to an Annie Mac podcast (bless her electro soul, beautiful airwave voice and curly hair and yes, I’m still and always will be, smitten) and heard the whole track with all the info I needed! Eats Everything is one of my favourite garage/jungle producers (his brilliant alias is a bonus) and one of the most respected dance music producers Bristol has given the world.

‘Let’s Go Dancing’ is originally by Tiga and Audion, and Eats Everything’s edit, called ‘Dancing (Again!)’ has been shooting rockets through my bloodstream this past month. The song went ballistic across dance floors and Disclosure released it on their Method White label. The raw grit of its sound makes my toes curl, every time I hear it I can cut out every ugly vibe trying to piss on my mojo. I thought I’d missed the boat trying to write about it way after its release, but the killer video just dropped less than 24 hours ago! YAY! What better occasion to mark my one month love affair with a soul-saving piece of audio mercy? The video is morbidly funny, a metaphor for telling butt wipes to F off without actually saying it. The track with its original length can be found right below it, premiered by THUMP on August 18.

And yeah, you’re welcome.

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