Cracker Mini Mix: Moon Walk


Before you think I’m going to choreograph a Michael Jackson tribute video on my blog, stop. (FYI, I love MJ to death so don’t take that the wrong way). I recently joined Twitter (yes, I’m late to the explosion) to reach fellow mixtape maniacs and quickly discovered some of the kindest, most interesting producers out there. One of my brand new followers had posted a link to a recent track he’d made. While listening to it, I was trying to decide how it made me feel (as one does), and it made me feel….like I was on an ethereal, solo holiday ON the MOON. And then I thought….why not put together a playlist of recent songs that could soundtrack a visit to the moon? No, I’m not normal. But how many tired workout playlists do you want to listen to before you stop running and want a personalised motion picture soundtrack designed for your explorations in outer space? Don’t answer that, just check these out. And maybe say a silent hello to Neil Armstrong’s satellite spirit.

I’ve written mini descriptions for each track below my playlist link (because it’s fun).Try and read them while you’re listening, tell me if you feel what I did!

  1. The Man From Another Place – Jimmy Maheras (Plastic Love Recordings)

A salute to the track that inspired this whacked out theme! The groove is so infectious, my 60 year old dad starting moving his head to it while reading the morning paper this weekend on my visit home! Once the song comes into its own after the groove pauses, I feel like I’m semi walking/bobbing over an arid moonscape beneath soft white light. The beat is defined and fluid simultaneously, how can you not love it when that happens!

  1. I Luv U – Demo Taped

This one is an out of body experience, like being underwater with speakers fading layered sounds in and out. This is what the absence of gravity must feel like! When I first heard it, I tweeted the man himself. Adam Alexander (he’s 17, by the way), is a singer/songwriter/producer from Atlanta who produces under the name ‘Demo Taped’ and lists Flying Lotus, Daedelus and Nosaj Thing amongst his influences. He sent me two hearts and I had to share them:

IMG_8017 (1)

  1. Afterglow – Ryan Hemsworth 

I have been a Ryan Hemsworth fan since first gift wrapping my ears with his remixes of Frank Ocean and Cat Power. This tune epitomises what I like to call the ‘sailing sensation’ – that extended moment when you’re in the ZONE – when you’ve reached your destination, mental or physical, and all you have to do is ride with it. Moon time!

  1. Piano Jam – Kygo

Where would I be without some Kygo? Certainly not on the moon! This is mega gentle and the perfect extension for our sailing sensation. When the strings make an entrance, it’s a symphony for a floating moonwalk.

  1. Lost feat MO (Frank Ocean Cover) – Major Lazer (Mad Decent)

Speaking of Frank Ocean, the man who marked a turning point in 2012 with Channel Orange, here’s the next one. I love Major Lazer and the hyper kinetic energy that oozes from every pore of their mash ups. When they covered Ocean’s ‘Lost’, I nearly died of excitement. If bubble tea had a sound, this would be it. Not only is ‘Lost’ a convenient title for being, well…on the moon, the vibe is pretty outer-spacey.

  1. Superman – Ferreck Dawn (Radio Edit) (BMKLTSCH Records)

Now that you’re killing it on the moon, I’m sure you feel like a super slick superhero. That’s why it’s time for some nutty deep house to rock your moon socks.

  1. Constellations – CamelPhat (Spinnin’ Deep/ Spinnin’ Records)

For plateauing energy levels, this is the perfect tune to maintain where you’re at without losing it. Also, it’s called ‘Contellations’ – a lovely coincidence. I swear.

  1. Drive You Home – Sam Feldt & The Him featuring The Donnies The Armys (Spinnin’ Deep/ Spinnin’ Records)

This is the last one, aptly titled ‘Drive You Home’. Sam Feldt’s tropical mixtapes have been on loop in my room on several mornings, and here is his latest solo release. The sheer happiness factor here is unmistakable, and there is nothing else I’d rather feel towards the end of a playlist. Especially the trumpet – nothing says ‘invincible in outer space’ like a confident trumpet.

If you feel amazingly moon-bound, write to me at Or tweet me @chooncracker