Cracker Mini Mix: The Unlikely Sessions II

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Over the past few weeks, I have encountered some super fun reworks of retro, nineties and present day songs that we know and love in their original form(s). But the right imagination can turn them into a carnival, as I sort of said in my very first post.

  1. Easy Love – Sigala (Ministry of Sound)

This song is the reason I decided to do a part 2! It makes you feel like poster colours have SOUNDS. Anybody who has the baby ghost of a dancing bone in their body has loved funk in some form or another. Sigala sample ‘ABC’ by the The Jackson 5 here in a way that only be called a controlled heart attack. The xylophone vibe of the groove is pure happiness. Here, get electrocuted by a candy floss version of the past:

2. Return of the Mack (Kaytranada Blend) – Mark Morrison x J Dilla

A track that dropped in 1996 changed my life NINE years later, when I was 16 and heard it in a dodgy ‘club’. Mark Morrison made longing sound ‘cool’ with Return of The Mack. I love this song in a way you love everything you love when you’re 16: desperately. Kaytranada’s remix doesn’t have the heavy dance melody of the original, but a slowed down, sexy Rn’B aura that changes it into a ‘hang out’ song. Yum.

3. Paul Kalkbrenner – Feed Your Head (Sony/ Columbia)

Now we’re in a past where I didn’t exist: 1967. The year Jefferson Airplane released Surrealistic Pillow and gave us ‘White Rabbit’. They didn’t know then how surreal their sixties pillow would get in 2015 – this Paul Kalbrenner remix is hauntingly perfect. Grace Slick’s voice reminds me so much of Florence and her very talented machine, and Kalkbrenner’s version has that scary ability of making you nostalgic and happily present at the same time.

4. Queen of Peace (Hot Chip Remix) – Florence and the Machine (original version on Island Records)

Picture my heart attack when I found out on September 4, 2015 that my favourite electro pop duo had remixed only the greatest woman vocalist of our generation on September 3. Yup, Hot Chip remixed… Florence & The Machine! SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! The original ‘Queen of Peace’ has the grand orchestral styling and heavy riffs Flo fans are so familiar with. She has such gut-wrenching power in her voice, one wouldn’t expect a semi-techno rework to cuddle her vocal chords so perfectly. But that’s the best part about a pleasant surprise. This version makes her the queen of a very bass-inflected peace. I can’t go a day without calling out to my #1 inspiration, Annie Mac: Thank you for making it your HOTTEST RECORD IN THE WORLD on September 3! Just saying.

Unfortunately, YouTube has taken down this track, but you can listen to it on Soundcloud for now. I’ve made a mini playlist of these four tracks and the best-for-last at number 4 is Hot Chip + Florence:

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